A birds with too much fat deposits is an ill bird

The pet bird is too fat  that you can even see the fat deposits developing on the chest and/or abdomen. It can be considered as a bird disease. The fat swollen under the skin and may look like a tumor, but you can even see by your eyes that is fat actually for the skin of the […]

Treatment for brids diagnosed with gastroenteritis

The birds with gastroenteritis will appear inactive and lethargic, often try to defecate but the dropping is little and sticky, the anus area is often stained with dropping. When it becomes serious, rectal prolapse happens and bleed from butt, the bird will lose its weight quickly and die finally.Treatment: Clean the bird cage and water cup thoroughly first. Move the bird […]

How to feed a baby parrot

What to feed a baby parrot You can make by yourself the runny food for baby birds by mixing the below with water. Dog food and/or chicken food and/or human baby food A little human nutritional supplement But due to the baby birds’ immune system isn’t fully developed. excellent hygiene is required when handling the replacement food like dog […]

Hummingbird Feeder Reviews – 5 Popular Feeders

When choosing a hummingbird feeder, some points need to be considered. The nectar is easy to go bad because of the sugar. You need to clean and refill the feeder very often.  So the feeder should be easy to disassemble and clean. The feeder should have a bright color (better to be red) because hummingbirds get used to […]

How To Make A Hummingbird Feeder

Before starting DIY your hummingbird feeder, we need to know what kind of food the feeder should hold while the the hummers drink nectar and  eat bugs. We can catch bugs and let go the bugs where the hummingbirds appear to search food. But it’s hard for DIYers to make a bug feeder to the hummers. Actually we just […]

How To DIY Bird Feeders

If you have many lovely birds around your garden or backyard, you want a try to feed them, so you need to buy some bird feeders. But if you don’t want to spend much on the feeders by now or you just enjoy doing it yourself, making a bird feeder may be a good idea.  Considering a bird […]

Bird Feeder Types

Bird feeders are used to attract and feed the wild birds in your backyard or garden. A good bird feeder should have a strong structure that can withstand bad weather and small animals like squirrels and cats,  it should be assembled, installed and cleaned easily. But these are the basic knowledge to choose your right bird […]

Chinese Bird Cage Culture

The Chinese bird cage culture has been hundreds of years. In China, especially in ancient time, owning a good bird cage is the symbol of social status of the rich men or the high officials. The bird cage culture was quiet different in South China and North China before.  In south China, a bird cage is usually made of bamboo […]

DIY a parrot breeding box

When your pet parrots are going to breed, they need a nest that they can hide in and feel safe to have eggs to hatch. We usually place a nest box inside the cage or affix the nest box to the cage if the cage is not big enough. We call this nest box as […]