How To DIY Bird Feeders

If you have many lovely birds around your garden or backyard, you want a try to feed them, so you need to buy some bird feeders. But if you don’t want to spend much on the feeders by now or you just enjoy doing it yourself, making a bird feeder may be a good idea.  Considering a bird feeder is just a container holding food to feed wild birds, it’s actually a very simple DIY job.

A clear plastic drink bottle with 2 or 3 sticks going through as perches.

Prepare a clear plastic bottle, some wood or metal sticks go through the bottle and act as perches. Make some small holes above the perches as feeding ports (The distance between perches and holes is according to what kind of bird you are feeding). Filled the bottle with bird food  and hang it out in your backyard.

Bird Feeder DIY


A glass bottle serves as the food container and the base of a plastic bottle serves as the dispenser

Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle as the bird food dispenser. Fill a glass bottle with bird food and put it upside down with the bottle opening go to the dispenser.  Make a “L” stand with wood or hard cardboard to fix the bird feeder. Nail the bird feeder to a post or affix to the window with adhesive.

Bird Feeder DIY -2


A wine bottle with a tube stopper for hummingbirds

Now it’s about making a feeder for the hummingbirds. Hummingbirds drink nectar and eat bugs. Usually what we can feed hummingbirds is nectar (water sugar). We need a bottle to hold the syrup, and a feeder tube stopper that plugs into the opening of the bottle and serves a feeding port. The stopper is cheap and you can buy it on, the feeding end is red flower-shape attracting hummingbirds.