Treat the “hard crop” of a baby parrot

A crop (croup/craw/ingluvies) is a thin-walled expanded portion of the alimentary tract used for the storage of food prior to digestion. Due to some reasons,  the food stop inside the corp and accumuate to make the crop become big and hard, then we call it “hard crop” which often happens on parrots. Hard crop is […]

Help the baby bird get out of the egg

Normally a budgerigar baby will get out of the egg shell at the 18th day if the mother bird has a good motherhood and no external interference. But if the baby bird hasn’t come out after 18-19 days, it may be due to the inappropriate temperature and humidity. At this situation, we should observe and intervene it […]

Identify a budgie male or female by its cere’s color

As a pet budgie’s owner, you need to identify its sex firstly if you want to pair it with an opposite sex. The most simple and common way to identify a budgie’s sex is to observe its nose cere’s color. But budgies at different age have different colors. An adult budgie who has pure white […]

The hummingbird-like moth : Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Hummingbird Hawk-moth is a moth that looks very much like a hummingbird in flying and appearance. In many areas that are not the inhabits of hummingbirds, many people met hummingbird hawk-moths surprisingly and misjudged them as hummingbirds. Some of them took photos on the moths and posted on some forums with a very confirmed claim that they met a real hummingbird even […]

The parrot’s beak is peeling / flaking

Peeling beak of a parrot is a common sign, it’s natural and normal for most beak peeling cases. A parrot’s beak serves not only in eating, but also as a “hand” in climbing on the cage or tree branches. Like our nails, birds’ peaks are made of keratin and keep growing all the life time […]

The simple ways to distinguish a cockatiel male or female

If you want a pair of cockatiels to give birth to baby cockatiels, you need to put a male cockatiel and a female cockatel together. There are two simple and direct ways to distinguish the sex: observe the dotting marks on the feathers and touch feel the distance of two bones around the cloaca (the […]

About stress bars that are found on birds’ feathers

Stress bars are usually seen on the wings and tails of birds as thin, horizontal lines that go across the feather shaft. They can be caused by environmental factors, poor nutritional factors, medical issues or mental issues that are affecting the birds’ hormones during the time the feather is growing.  So these stress bars actually reflect the bird’s healthy condition […]

The Parrot’s Mental Disorder – Depression

Pet birds will also suffer depression. Most cases of depressed pet birds were found on parrots because parrots are high intelligent and extremely emotional among birds, also parrots are the most popular pet birds that people raise. People won’t sense a wild bird depressed. What will a parrot do when it’s depressed? The depressed parrots […]

Skills And Tools For Bird Watching

Bird watching is basically a simple job that you can just start your watching with a binocular. But if you want to enjoy more fun in watching birds, you need to prepare more skills and tools for the bird watching trip. Field guide You need a book of field guide to birds that help you to know what […]