A birds with too much fat deposits is an ill bird

The pet bird is too fat  that you can even see the fat deposits developing on the chest and/or abdomen. It can be considered as a bird disease. The fat swollen under the skin and may look like a tumor, but you can even see by your eyes that is fat actually for the skin of the birds in the chest is semi-transparent. The accumulated fat will affect birds’ health very much on the heart, liver, kidney, cardiovascular system and movement, and may cause birds die suddenly.

The treatment for a fat bird:

  1. Increase the amount of exercise. Adopt a big bird cage to allow more movements, better to let birds fly in the room for a while with windows and doors closed. Offer a lighting condition in the early evening to let birds exercise longer than before. Don’t put a single bird in a cage. Two or more birds lives together will increase their movements due to interaction.
  2. Dietary restriction. Reduce the amount of food supply so that the birds will not have fun by eating too much, feed common bird foods that contain high protein, but stop temporarily supplying bird seeds that contain lots of fat, offer fruit slices that will help birds in digestion.
  3. Surgical Extraction. If the birds represent too fat with big fat tumors that cannot be eliminated by exercise and dietary restriction. We need to take surgical to remove the fat blocks.

Enough exercise and a scientific dietary formula are also necessary to prevent fat birds before the fat problem.