Diagnosis and treatment for a bird’s ear infection

Ear infection is a common bird disease. It may be caused by ear mites, fungus and bacteria.

Symptoms of a bird’s ear infection can be:

  • The Birds often scratch or shake their heads
  • The ear hole is exposed completely
  • Liquid is going out of its ears
  • Solid yellow crap or mold is found in its ear canals


Observe the birds’ ears, if you can see mite feces or the mites in the ear canal, drip a few drops of vegetable oil in the ears and use a Q-tip to clean the ear canals, don’t put the Q tip too deep in case hurting the eardrum. Clean the ear canal one time a day for three days.

If the ears are infected by fungus that you can see greenish/moldy craps inside ear canals, squeeze fungus cream into the infected ears and use a Q-tip to push fungus cream inside the ear canals.

When you sort out the above signs, the infection may be caused by bacteria that requires antibiotics. Drip a few drops of antibiotics ear drops that can be for human otitis media into the ear canal one time a day for 3~5 days.

A special note is that the ear of a bird is really very small, so if you are using a Q-tip to cope with the ear infection, you may need to initially remove some of the cotton from the tip that makes the Q-tip fits inside the canal, and control the bird from moving its head in case the tip hurt the eardrum.