Diagnosis and treatment for a bird’s ear infection

Ear infection is a common bird disease. It may be caused by ear mites, fungus and bacteria. Symptoms of a bird’s ear infection can be: The Birds often scratch or shake their heads The ear hole is exposed completely Liquid is going out of its ears Solid yellow crap or mold is found in its ear canals Treatments: Observe the […]

A birds with too much fat deposits is an ill bird

The pet bird is too fat  that you can even see the fat deposits developing on the chest and/or abdomen. It can be considered as a bird disease. The fat swollen under the skin and may look like a tumor, but you can even see by your eyes that is fat actually for the skin of the […]

Treatment for brids diagnosed with gastroenteritis

The birds with gastroenteritis will appear inactive and lethargic, often try to defecate but the dropping is little and sticky, the anus area is often stained with dropping. When it becomes serious, rectal prolapse happens and bleed from butt, the bird will lose its weight quickly and die finally.Treatment: Clean the bird cage and water cup thoroughly first. Move the bird […]