How to treat a constipated bird

It’s rare for a pet bird, especially a pet parrot, to get constipated. But once a bird suffers a constipation, the bird will often strain to defecate, and become very inactive or irritable with fluffed feathers. It’s a very bad health problem that needs to take immediate attention and action.

The constipated bird

The bird’s constipation can be caused by:

  • The bird does not have enough exercise.
  • The bird has a poor diet: The bird food is with low fiber and/or lack of oil; Eat a lots with little water.
  • The bird suffers gastroenteritis.


  1. Supply seeds that are rich in oil and fat, and fruits that’s juicy with multi-vitamins and fiber.
  2. Provide in the cage fresh water all the time. Without water, the bird food will be dry and blocked inside.
  3. Clean the cage often, sterilize the cage and feeder periodically because infection like a gastroenteritis will also cause a constipation.


  1. Use warm water and a soft cloth to remove the poop built around the bird’s butt. Be careful that you are not tearing its skin to cause wound and get infected.
  2. Use an eye drop to feed the bird with a few drops of vegetable oil.
  3. If it’s serious and the above step doesn’t work, grasp the bird upside down and drip the vegetable oil directly into the cloaca, hold the bird upside down for a few minutes to let oil flow inside completely.