Diagnosis and treatment for a dehydrated baby bird

Dehydration is a common serious problem that often happens in baby birds. It will cause baby birds die quickly, so an immediate medical attention should be paid when the birds have the below signs:

  • Reddish looking skin instead of pink looking.
  • The baby gets a bit constipated as it often does the pooping jobs with little poop out.
  • The skin is dry and not springy.

Upon seeing these symptoms, we need to feed the baby bird with pedialyte. We can make by ourselves the pedialyte solution by mixing a tablespoon of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt into one litre of water.  In case of the baby bird inhales the water, don’t use an eye drop to feed the baby bird, just dip one of your fingers into the sugar-salt water and then place on the top of the baby’s beak, the baby bird will suck the drops from your finger. Only feed the bird a few drops each time. It should be noted that the baby bird will die if fed with too much sugar and salt at one time.

To prevent dehydration of a baby bird, the bird should be put in a warm and humid place, if the condition is too dry, place a cup of water nearby. Also, it shouldn’t be too long between 2 meals for the baby bird.