What to do when meeting a baby wild bird

Spring and summer are the seasons for the adult birds to nest and give birth to babies. Be careful at this period that you may meet a baby bird on the ground when walking in the the street with trees on one or two sides, or the place with trees that’s available for birds to nest.

a baby wild bird

What to do when meeting a baby wild bird?

You are supposed to observe the baby bird closely, make sure if it need help.

  1. For the fledglings who’s learning to fly, it may be too tired to fly and stop on the ground. You can catch it, but actually it can fly again if you let it alone to rest for a while. In such a case, just let it be.
  2. If the baby birds just fell off the nest to the ground, its parent may be nearby and going to feed their babies. You are not supposed to take the baby bird home. It’s better to put the baby back to its nest. If you are unable to find the nest or it is too high in the tree to reach, put the baby bird into a basket and affix the basket with wire or nails on the tree firmly as near as possible to the nest or its parent you observed, its parent will hear and find it.
  3. A baby bird who’s learning fly may get hurt easily. If you found a baby bird who’s injured, you need to help him because its parent is unable to take care of an injured baby. The first action should be contacting a licensed wildlife rescue center for help and suggestion, Wildlife International Site and Wildlife Rehabilitators Directory – USA  are two related helpful webpages. If you are unable to ask help from a wildlife rescue center and you insist to help the bird that may risk you to be infected, take the bird home and place the bird to a warm place, handle the injury with disinfectant or splint the broken leg or wing with tape. Remember always wash your hands with soapy water after touching the wild bird. For feeding the bird, you may don’t know what’s its dietary need, you can feed it with fluid food that mixed with water and crushed bird seeds.